Working From Home

The Home Office

A new way of life is emerging through these difficult times. I am currently working from home whilst my wife works at the local hospital, leaving me with the task of trying to home school our two children of 8 and 11.


Face to face meetings have been replaced with Skype and Zoom. Discussions over drawings and design sketches limited to scribbled WhatsApp messages. We trialed a video run through of a proposed new extension, unfortunately one of the benefits of rural living is not supper fast broadband. The 6 minute video took around 6 hours to upload.


Although the benefits of living on a farm in rural Ayrshire in these times more than outweighs the slow broadband speeds.


The morning routine now consists of walking the dog before some breakfast. Then school tasks for the children and my daily emails before finally architectural design work.


My recent 2 week training course on PHPP (Passiv House Planning Package) has been pushed to the back of my mind and bottom of the pile with the exam postponed and information learned seemingly seeping out of my head.


Work continues for the foreseeable future in this way and the current workload can sustain the architectural side of the business for sometime yet. When we will manage back onto site to continue works on our latest build is anyone's guess.


Shall council approvals be forth coming? Are current jobs going to proceed? Will clients be in a position to commit to their original plans for extensions and new houses? We do not know.


What we do know is that we will keep working, serving our clients and friends. We will seek to find new ways to work with Zoom meetings, client video walk through's and home surveys. Innovating and adapting our working methods to suit all our clients needs hopes and aspirations.


Protect yourself and others. Stay at home.