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Jennifer Higgins, The Wee House Company Ltd, KA6 7AB

Air Tightness Testing since 2013

Stairhill Architecture are a delight to work with. We use their air tightness testing service for all of our 'Wee Houses'. In the brief period between completion of a new home and occupation by the client, it is crucial that we can gather the necessary completion paperwork as quickly as possible. Alistair and his team help us to do this. They are well organised, work efficiently and tidily on site, and always respond quickly with comprehensive and concise reporting. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their service to anyone.

Chris Stewart, RIBA, CASA Design Architects Ltd, KA7 2EG

Air Tightness Testing 2015

Stairhill have assisted CASA Design Architects in advising on the energy requirements for bespoke house that we have designed. I have found them to be very helpful, efficient and understanding of the issues involved between my clients’ budgetary requirements and compliance with the Building Standards. They have been able to propose various alternative energy solutions for projects and explain the different issues involved with them

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