Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Simple Ways to Reduce Condensation in Your Home

Condensation is perhaps the most common form of dampness that can appear in your property causing wallpaper to peel, damp patches to appear on walls and a build-up of moisture on your windows. Without addressing the problem, the condensation can create mould growth.

Condensation appears in homes due to a lack of heat and adequate ventilation.   As we spend more time indoors and make our properties more air tight and energy efficient the build-up of moisture and humidity levels increase.

There are some simple steps that can be taken to help prevent this happening.

  • Keep your home at an adequate consistent temperature around 20ºC and put heating on to replace warm air that is expelled with the stale air.
  • Open windows in the morning of calm days for an hour to allow a purge of fresh air throughout the whole house.
  • Keep trickle vents open and do not tape over or seal off designed ventilation.
  • Wipe down damp surface in the kitchen and bathroom after cooking and taking a shower.
  • In rooms used regularly throughout the day open the window to the ventilated position to remove stale air.

Diagram showing how to reduce condensation in your home

  • Dry clothes outdoors where possible.
  • If clothes are dried indoors, where possible dry them in a room that has an extractor fan and make sure it is turned on or open the window.
  • Move furniture 50mm or so away from walls to allow better air flow behind it.
  • Do not overfill wardrobes and cupboards to allow air movement inside them.